Horse Riding Boots: What Shoes You Can Wear?

You’ve booked your first horse riding lesson, and you’re wondering what to wear, just like many other aspiring equestrians before you. And we’re not talking about fashion here; rather, what should you wear to the greatest extent feasible while riding a horse, and do you require riding boots?

Your riding boots are among the most important pieces of equestrian equipment. Your footwear, in addition to a helmet, is one of the most essential horse riding gear categories. While you don’t need specific riding boots, they should have at least a 1-inch (2.5 cm) heel, a closed and protected toe, and a sole with some grip. The heel and sole will assist your foot to stay in place in the stirrup (and not slip through it), while the protected toe will protect your feet if you are accidentally trodden on by your horse. When you ride, good riding boots support your leg and ankles to help you keep an appropriate leg position.

You may use any shoes you have in your basement or back of the closet, right? Let’s look at their suitability to see if you need to invest in a pair of riding boots or if you can wear a pair of shoes you already own.

If you decide it’s a good idea to invest in riding boots at the end of your search, we’ll go over what you should consider before purchasing and provide our boot recommendations with you.

Is it possible to use rain boots while horseback riding?

Would you choose rain boots for horseback riding? Although they are practical, they are also easy and can be rather attractive. Are they the best choice for horseback riding though, given that rain boots come in a variety of forms and sizes? Rain boots usually lack those 1-inch heels and grippy bottoms, which is something to consider. They also have a large gap around the calf, so there is no ankle support or traction from the saddle, nor will the extra rubber flapping about your leg cause discomfort when riding.

Rain boots are made to withstand the elements and protect your feet from rain, mud, puddles, and other unpleasant outcomes of being outside. Most rain boots will not last long under these conditions because of the harshness of the environment. So in conclusion, we do not recommend wearing normal rain boots when horseback riding.

Is it possible to wear cowboy boots while horseback riding?

Yes, your favorite cowboy boots are permitted! These boots are usually composed of sturdy leather and have a protected toe as well as a large heel height. Cowboy boots were designed to make it easier for cowboys to change from their horses to the ground and back again, so these shoes were originally made with horsemen in mind.

Another noteworthy point is that you should always keep your boots clean, even if they are not being used. Dirt and dampness collect on the outside of your boots, causing them to wear out faster.

Is It Possible to Wear Hiking Boots on Horseback Riding?

Depending on the hiking boots, they can meet a significant number of horse riding requirements. They have a sturdy sole with some traction and a good heel, and they usually feature adequate protection at the front of the shoe. However, you may encounter issues such as shoe treading and laces when using hiking boots.

Hiking boots are generally rather broad and may not fit into a stirrup comfortably.

Furthermore, most hiking boots include laces that might get caught in the stirrup during a journey.

Basically, hiking boots are not the greatest option for horseback riding, but they will suffice around the stables. I utilized them a lot when traveling about the world because I couldn’t lug around many pairs of large shoes, and although they were wide, they worked fine for my trail rides. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is just getting started.

Is it Safe to Wear Sneakers When Horseback Riding?

Sneakers with no grip, heel or toe protection, and ankle support are all checked off in the wrong places. On a hot summer day, it’s easy to fall for comfy, breathable sneakers like these (we may have done a trail ride or two in them ourselves), but they shouldn’t be worn.

We will, however, exchange our riding boots for sneakers as soon as the riding session is finished in order to allow our feet to breathe and make walking about the stables a lot more pleasant. Keep an eye on those toes around the horses!

In conclusion, sneakers are not permitted in horseback riding or the stables.

Is it permissible to wear sandals while horseback riding?

Let us be crystal clear. NO! Sandals have no place on a horse and should not be worn near horses. We all like to wear our favorite flip-flops in the summer, but they are inappropriate at the stables. Closed-toe footwear or flip-flops are also banned.